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wooden craft shapes for card making, wooden gift boxes, decorative light boxes, fairy cottages, personalised jigsaw puzzles, Christmas craft products, LED tea lights and batteries, advent calendars, wedding items

heart shapes for card making and crafting


Christmas Shapes

Christmas Shapes

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Suitable for card making and general crafting our shapes are cut from sustainable 3mm plywood - not MDF which is used by most other suppliers.

All laser cut wood will exhibit darkened edges and smoke staining, but plywood cuts much more cleanly than MDF without excessively sooty edges and with much less smoke staining.

Any smoke staining on plywood shapes is generally very light and mainly on the reverse side,

where it will not be seen, but in any case is easily removed by sanding or covered by painting.

The whiter finish of the plywood is also much better when using paint, as it does not dull down the colours.

If you have any suggestions for new shapes, please get in touch, and we’ll see what we can do.

Craft Shapes for Card Making and General Crafting

Printed Wooden Craft Shapes

Printed Shapes